Effective Ways to Cure Insomnia

Lacking sleep completely is one thing but lacking time to do so is another thing. It can be quite a torment especially when the conditions are quite conducive for sleep, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. For instance, it is all the more depressing when the bed is so inviting, but for some reason, you are not in a hurry to do some justice on it. Which brings us to the million dollar question, ‘can insomnia be cured?’ The simple answer to this is ‘yes’, and we shall break it down to just a few points on how to cure it.


breathing technique

Engage in Breathing Exercises

Though the result might not be as instantaneous as you want it to be, it is bound to get you nodding off slowly. Under the guidance of an experienced and certified expert, try engaging yourself in some breathing exercises before bedtime. These are not the regular ones that we do during the day. These breathing exercises are supposed to create an illusion at the sleep part of your brain. The more and slower you engage in them is the more you begin to kiss the woes of insomnia goodbye. Do this every night before you go to bed and you might be pleasantly surprised. Who knows? You might not even need them ever again as sleep will only come to you as naturally as it should.


Avoid Strenuous Activities

This will only cause your body to go into active mode even when it’s clear to see that it’s tired. Hypnotize your body, so to speak, into sleep mode by taking things easy. Have it know that sleep time is around the corner and your mind will quickly adapt to this line of thought. Something as freestyle as taking a warm cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea is enough to get the process started. If your partner is close by, have them give you a gentle massage to speed up the process. Make any of these easy-going activities a routine, and you will never complain of insomnia ever again in your natural life.


See a Specialist

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be introduced to medication. On the contrary, certified sleep specialists are always there to offer non-medicated solutions to their patients’ sleep problems. For instance, talking to them about the underlying problems might as well be the cure to this monster called insomnia. The less the patient thinks about the deep-rooted problem is, the more sleep begins to make its way into their lives again. Do this around twice or thrice in a week for about a month. The positive results will be even quicker if insomnia is bugging you for the very first time in your life.



Avoid Sleeping During the Day

If you are aware of your sleep troubles at night, you might as well forego it in the daytime. Sleeping when the sun is still at its brightest will only make matters worse. Stay active to avoid laying in bed awake all night.

If possible, have some friends over for a drink or a movie. At work, do the same. Don’t keep to yourself during coffee breaks. Have someone close by that you can open up to.